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The Financial Services Institutions Bureau is mandated to recommend persons for appointment as whote-time Directors and non-executive Chairpersons on the Boards of financial services institutions and for advising on certain other matters relating to personnel management in these institutions.


28 October, 2021 - SAMEKAN – First look

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Vacancies And Recommendations

Current Vacancies

The positions that are vacant in mandated institutions can be viewed here. The process of appointing suitable persons for these vacancies is at various stages.

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Upcoming Vacancies

The positions that may fall vacant in the next six months can be viewed here. The process of reviewing the tenure of existing appointees and/or selection of suitable personages is being undertaken by the Bureau.

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Annual Reports

The Banks Board Bureau has started publishing its Annual Report from the year 2019-20 onwards.

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Half Yearly Report

The Banks Board Bureau has been regularly publishing a Half Yearly Report covering important activities and events, since 2016.

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Ad-Hoc Reports

Ad-Hoc Reports, Compendiums, Gazette Notifications and Statues relevant to the Banks Board Bureau.

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FAQs, Internal Manuals, etc

Access the FAQs, Manual of internal Instructions

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Important Statutes, Rules, Regulations

Relevant Statutes, Rules, Schemes and Regulations

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